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About Casa Manila

Casa Manila is a museum in Intramuros depicting colonial lifestyle during Spanish colonization of the Philippines.

The museum is the imposing stone-and-wood structure c. 1850, one of the grand houses in Barrio San Luis (one of the four original villages of Intramuros) is located across historic San Agustin church and bounded by Calle Real, General Luna, Cabildo and Urdaneta streets. The other two are the Los Hidalgos, c. 1650 and Cuyugan Mansion, c. 1890.

Casa Manila is a copy of an 1850s San Nicolas House that was once located in Calle Jaboneros. The architect of Casa Manila was J. Ramon L. Faustmann. It was constructed by Imelda Marcos during the 1980s and modeled on Spanish colonial architecture.

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This restored 1850s house is now a museum displaying Spanish colonial furniture, art & architecture.

The restored house from 1850s is now a museum that displays Spanish colonial furniture and art architecture. In 1979, Presidential Decree No. 1616. MANDATE It is the responsibility of the IA to restore and develop Intramuros, a monument to our Hispanic history. It will ensure that Intramuros' appearance conforms to Philippine-Spanish architecture from the 16th through the 19th centuries. MISSION IA's mission is to preserve and protect the historic and cultural significance and value of Intramuros, while encouraging and guiding the urban development within the city.

This will contribute to strengthening the Filipino nation s sense of belonging and pride. IA sees Intramuros as a model urban location that preserves and sustains people and their lives, while contributing to socio-economic and national heritage. As amended, FUNCTIONS include the ability to formulate, coordinate, or implement policies regarding all programs, projects, and activities of government that affect or relate to Intramuros. This power includes the power of delegating any government official to any specific function or activity.

Initiate and plan the restoration, maintenance, and upkeep of Intramuros' walls including the Sunken Garden, ravelins and moat. Enter into agreements with private persons or agencies, domestic and foreign, to discharge its duties and responsibilities to the development of Intramuros.

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9AM - 5PM
9AM - 5PM
9AM - 5PM
9AM - 5PM
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9AM - 5PM
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on Wed Mar 08 2023
The architecture and lifestyle are amazing. It is easy to feel at ease when you are sightseeing stones and bamboo things, such as a bamboo bike.
on Mon Mar 06 2023
This picturesque spot is very small. It takes only 30 minutes to reach, but it's surrounded with tourist attractions. To make your trip even more memorable, create a travel plan before you go. (
on Mon Feb 27 2023
It is the best option because there isn't much else to do in Manila. This is an interesting place (
on Sun Feb 26 2023
Entrance fee of 75 pesos for regular guest and 50 pesos for students ,senior and Pwd. Three floors of exhibit. Restaurants at the ground floor. Self guided tour ,just follow the red carpet ..,no camera flash inside.
on Fri Feb 24 2023
Just Beautiful ! Feels like I m in spain
on Tue Feb 21 2023
It's a nice spot in the heart of Movida Manila
on Mon Feb 20 2023
It is a must-see
on Sun Feb 12 2023
A wonderful place with its charm delicious food and well-organized space, where you can sink into.
on Thu Feb 09 2023
It is a beautiful place to take photos or meet. There are also museums for 75 pesos per ticket. And there are many great places for food.
on Tue Feb 07 2023
This was created by Imelda Marcos, yes that one with 3000 shoes back in 1980. It hasn't been wasted. They describe what it was like to live in colonial Manila.
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