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About Manila City Hall

The Manila City Hall during 1901 was made up of Oregon pine which covered one-third of the area used by the current building. After 31 years of occupancy, City Engineer Santiago Artiaga suggested reinforcing the floor of the weakened structure supporting the session hall used by the municipal board and avoid the accommodation of too many people along the corridors and in the hallway.

The building sits on a trapezoidal shape of the lot in between the Legislative and Post Office buildings. Due to the monotony of the building envelope, one cannot distinguish the principal facade from the main entrance properly. The south entrance has a balcony emphasized by three arches resting on Corinthian columns while the north entrance has the same design treatment but has pediments and a tall, hexagonal clock tower capped by a dome.

The clock tower, also designed by Antonio Toledo which was completed during the 1930s is the largest clock tower in the Philippines. It stands out during nighttime when the whole of the tower lights up. Every hour, they rung the bell three times continued by a melody. It has now become the icon for the city of Manila.

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The City Hall is the main administrative building and houses the local government of the city of Manila.

The long and large building that houses the office of Mayor was built in 1941.

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on Tue Mar 07 2023
Manila City Hall
on Mon Mar 06 2023
It is just that most people do not care about the process because they think they don't have to. Many people are disturbed by having to pay money for a license.
on Thu Mar 02 2023
Beautiful and peaceful place to stay in Manila
on Wed Feb 22 2023
The online business and real estate transactions are great.
on Fri Feb 17 2023
For 1 Certificate mygod, where will you learn? Some clerks were rude.
on Fri Feb 10 2023
Manila City Hall serves as the heart of business and government affairs in the City. It is home to all important city units, including the Mayor s Office and the OIC. Here you can pay taxes and apply for licenses and permits.
on Fri Feb 10 2023
rotten system
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